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Hi all,

I actually have more information than what was presented on Rippercast. Keep in mind, the original plan was to approach Rippercast later, but we were forced to show some of our cards prematurely. The dramatic stuff is out, though. My point: Be careful on concluding anything. For example, the answer to when Tumblety's disemboweled comment was made has been confirmed, but this info will come out later. Sorry Rob, although in your mind there is no other way...

Howard and Nina Brown - Great job, and yes, you have discovered the correct Richard Norris. There is even more. I did find some of the articles Nina found, but I will be giving you and Nina the credit. And yes, I am also surprised researchers never discovered Tumbley's intersex condition, especially when the police in likely multiple cities knew.


The Ripper's Haunts/JtR Suspect Dr. Francis Tumblety (Sunbury Press)
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