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Originally Posted by Steadmund Brand View Post
Hello Emily... sounds like fascinating research you are one of the people who broke this revelation about Tumblety I want to stress that I in NO WAY think that the condition adds anything to him being a suspect... to me, it was just a side note....and one I knew people would find interesting.. please let us know more about your study .

Steadmund Brand
I totally agree that it doesn't add much (if anything) to his status as a suspect. I find his behavior very interesting, and based on what I already know about the experience of hermaphrodites during the Elizabethan and Victorian periods, it seems that Tumblety is a great example of what the mistreatment of intersexed individuals can do to their psychological health. Tumblety brings together two things I'm really enthusiastic about: the Ripper case and the history of "hermaphrodites".
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