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Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
I worked with it several times a month for nearly twenty years, and still can't forget that cloying sweet/sickly odor, but I was always careful when handling the stuff.
We mostly used it to make an O2 seal in some standards, so it went right from the small mouthed reagent bottle/jug, and 10-15 ml was poured into top off a standard filled volume metric flask.
I would never dream of pouring it into a wide mouthed container/jar, there'd be way too much fume volume emitted upon opening.
Even so, in just those few seconds it took to top off the standards the odor was overpoweringly nasty.
It wasn't a jar full of chloroform. She had poured about a teaspoon or so on a a handkerchief, then put the handkerchief in a jar so it would keep until Mike showed up. But because it was in the jar it didn't evaporate. So there was a little cloud brewing when she opened it and she got a face full. I think she just didn't think past preparing it and then keeping it safe until Mike got there. The whole thing was irregular to say the least. And illegal as it happens, which is why I'm keeping her name out of it. But we were all terribly curious having grown up on Agatha Christie etc.

But thinking about the smell makes my gorge rise.
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