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Originally Posted by Ginger View Post

He hurried, I'm guessing, to intercept them while the bridge was still too high to jump from.

I honestly expected the fellow to be rapidly caught, since he was careless enough to be photographed and recorded
Picture gave me the creeps but it's hard to say if it's him behind the tree. Assuming the girls noticed his stalking behavior and were aware of him on their way back to the trail from the bridge, couldn't they have kept going (South?) to the other side of the bridge and take another trail out of the park instead of crossing paths with their killer?

With the still shots, audio clip, and whatever evidence the police are holding (possible DNA?) I figured he would've been caught by now. I'm starting to doubt this. Being that we have pics of the suspect and he still hasn't been identified leads me to believe he may be a transient/homeless man. Any idea of what the homeless and transient scene looks like in Delphi?

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