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G'day Jeff

Originally Posted by Mayerling View Post
But during the trial the Judge appears to have had a nervous breakdown. Although his directions to the jury led to Florence being convicted, it was soon apparent that the interest of justice required the sentence to become one of imprisonment, not the death penalty that Stephen imposed.

During his summation, Mr. Justice Stephen kept making comments that made no sense, and even showed a remarkable lack of grasp of basic facts everyone knew:
A Judge making comments that made no sense, ..... mmmmmm sounds like a normal day in Court to me.

for example, Florence and Alfred Brierley, her lover, went to attend the Grand National race together. Like the Derby or the American Kentucky Derby or Preakness, everyone has heard of the Grand National in Great Britain. Stephen actually said. "They attended something ... the Grand National...whatever that is!"

There was a pretty much standard protocol well into the 1960's that Judges were not to show that they were human and pretend that they were befuddled by ordinary type events, there is a case somewhere from the 1960s at the heights of Beatlemania where a Judge makes out he has never heard of this group of "Jazz Musicians" [I think it was the Beatles but it may have been the Stones], but then blows his cover by referring to one of their songs, I honestly don't know just when nor why this started and it always seemed pretty stupid to me.

But don't disagree Stephens appears to have well and truly lost the plot during Florry's trial.

There are two ways to be fooled, one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe that which is true.
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