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Originally Posted by MysterySinger View Post
Maybe JTR was also in the Police station when Eddowes was brought in and heard her give the name Nothing.
Rather unlikely, to say the least. Again, might the police not have been interested in tracking this - as yet unmentioned - other person down?.
Alternatively, he could have asked her her name when he met her a dbeen also told Nothing.
More likely she'd have given another made-up, but realistic, name, like "Mary Ann Kelly", for example. Besides, in this scenario, how could he have known that her telling him that her name was "Nothing" would have had any significance to the police, such that he felt compelled to include it in his chalked message?

BTW, I'm still not convinced that what went into Bayfield's ledger was merely the word "Nothing", i.e. that she gave no answer, but that when this was read out at the inquest, it was misunderstood by journalists as if she'd actually said the word herself.
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