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Hi All,

Here's a possible clue to the topic of conversation between Doctor George Bagster Phillips and Charles Beilby Stuart-Wortley, Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, at the House of Commons on the evening of the Millers Court murder [November 9].

On November 10, the day after Phillips' meeting, the following notice was issued. It appeared in The Times, 12 November 1888

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And the following appeared in the Echo, 12 November 1888

"It is asserted that the Home Secretary's offer of a pardon to any accomplice was mainly at the instigation of Dr. G. B. Phillips, the Divisional Surgeon of the H Division, who pointed out to the authorities at the Home Office the desirability of such a step being taken."

Coincidence? If not, why would Her Majesty's Government take the advice of a Divisional Surgeon on the matter of pardons to accomplices?


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