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Hi Tom,

Sorry, I don't know anything more about the items taken from Millers Court to Phillips' house at 2 Spital Square.

It's interesting to note that the DT piece I previously posted was part of a much larger article which was included with the Home Office case files.

Here's another press article. This suggests that Phillips may have been treading a fine line between Whitechapel and Whitehall.

ECHO 10-11-88

Dr. G.B. Phillips, the divisional surgeon of the H Division, whose reticence is justified by an assurance he gave of secrecy, has copious notes of the result of the post-mortem examination, and with nearly every conclusion at which he has arrived, Dr. Thomas Bond, of Westminster, a well-known expert on crimes of violence, agrees. Dr. Phillips has only vaguely indicated to the local police the result of his investigations, but a report on the question has, it has been asserted, been jointly made by him and Dr. Bond, and submitted to Sir Charles Warren.


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