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Pierre fair question.

For Swanson to have said that obviously there are 2 options:

1. He was mistaken in that statement, could be a simple misinterpretation of a report as with this thread.

2. He either had a different written report to that which is known to exist, or he was informed it was blurred by a verbal communication which is not recorded.

I am not aware of anything specifically he could have been informed of for him to say this.


Sure, but I am trying to understand the statement, so I searched British Newspaper Archives for the word "blurred" and got an article about a blurred text and another about a blurred name - and in both these someone was trying to "decipher" some letters. So I searched

blurred decipher

only in 1888 and got some articles about people trying to decipher blurred texts and letters.

So from this empirical pilot we could hypothesize that Swansons statement has to do with a blurred text in Goulston Street and policemen trying to decipher it.

Decipher, meaning:

"to ​discover the ​meaning of something written ​badly or in a ​difficult or ​hidden way:
Can you decipher the writing on this ​envelope?"


So perhaps the issue, if we try to understand Swanson, was more complicated than it seems now, i.e. from the sources that are left to us.

Regards, Pierre

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