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Originally Posted by Elamarna View Post

If Pierre is about to suggest that being blurred the writing could be misunderstood by the witness's. the following must be answered first:

If it was blurred, does that not suggest that it was not fresh?

If it was blurred one reason would be it had been rubbed against by passers by.

If it had been rubbed by passers by this surely must have happened when the street was busy, then the writing almost certainly has no bearing at all on the murders as many have long argued.

However being blurred seems to go against the evidence of those who reported seeing it.
Pierre appears to be taking a second hand source, over that of the eyewitnesses, Swanson does not claimed to have seen the writing at anytime does he?
Once Pierre has performed some internal and external source criticism, analysed all the sources systematically and explained what perspectives, classifications and operationalisations of concepts from the sources he is using for his analysis then we may start to see things very differently Steve.
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