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So the doctor[s] who did a post-mortem on Kelly was getting paid.
Why withhold the estimated time of death[ Phillips and Bond had one each] and the possible murder weapon(they did this in the previous inquest).
If the estimnated time of death was closer to Maxwell then the "unknown person " must have met Kelly around Maxwell's sighting
and so forth,Blotchy or cry of Murder.The press\public\jury needed to know.

Coroners Act 1887

A coroner holding an inquest shall imme-
diately after the termination of the proceedings pay
the fees of every medical witness not exceeding the
fees fixed by this Act, and all expenses reasonably
incurred in and about the holding thereof, not ex-
ceeding the sums set forth in the schedule of fees
for the time being in force under this Act, and the
sums so paid shall be repaid to the coroner in
manner provided by this Act:

For attending to give evidence at any inquest
whereat no post-mortem examination has been
made by such practitioner, one guinea ; and
(h.) For making a post-mortem examination of
the body of the deceased, with or without an
analysis of the contents of the stomach or in-
testines, and for attending to give evidence
thereon, two guineas :

It wouldn't have alerted a suspect or 'pervert justice',they only had one at that time,Blotchyv or Joe as told by Van Turney.Joe Barnett was cleared.

And the Pc would have described the outside of Miller's Court.The witnesses all describe the inside of Miller's Court except Lewis between 10 pm - 6am.
The press might have also noticed it was incomplete, that's why their complain.

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