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Originally Posted by Rosella View Post
Ooh good, another classic British murder!
I've really never been able to figure out how Wallace had the time to kill Julia before going out, as you point out, ColdCase. On the whole I think Parry more likely to be guilty than Wallace (there is at least a slight motive for Parry to attack and kill Mrs Wallace, while with Wallace himself there's nothing at all, no quarrels, no other woman, no substantial insurance policy payout). He and Julia lived a quiet and rather dull married life with no drama. All the same, the case for Parry as murderer is by no means open and shut either!
The one defect about Wallace having no motive to kill Julia is that we would not really be aware of what went on in their married lives together - people generally don't like to air dirty family linen about incompatibility unless some act of aggression or violence leads to third parties being aware of it. I tend to think it was a good marriage, and Wallace in his last days felt he was being targeted by the killer like Julia was (or so he wrote). However, this may have been evidence of some mental problem or even additional protection for his damaged reputation (he had been convicted, after all, but was lucky to be released by the high court). Again, remarkable symmatry in the way evidence and facts go in both directions in this case.

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