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Originally Posted by miss marple View Post
Mystery Singer, do you mean Mary's daughter who was supposely married to an absent seaman with the 3 month daughter martha in 1881? I have not looked into her yet . One of her brother's died young, finding birth certs for them is a blank so far they may not have been registered or could have been illigitimate.
My focus is on Mary Chandler/Davies. i have just ordered her marriage certificate with Davies.

Suspect Zero The Mary Kelly in 81 who was nurse is not relevant to my enquiry. MK was not a trained person and from her history never worked, except on her back.
The MK age 16 of no occupation is far more interesting, living a few doors away from a bunch of Davies and a brothel, as her decline into prostitution started in Cardiff. Again the family of John and Margaret is hard to trace so far no birth certs or marriage, they may have marriedin Ireland, but I am still on the case, more to be discovered.

Miss Marple

Miss M,

Have you discounted the possible John Kelly/Margaret Lewis marriage in Cardiff in June q. 1849? That would be just over a year prior to the birth of Bridget as per the 1851 census.

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