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This is what I have got so far: Mary Davies age 40 was living at no 1 Homfray St in 1881. She is living with her husband David Davies age 46, a boiler maker and three children, Elizabeth age 19 [ married husband at sea] and grand daughter Martha age three months,Thomas age 14 and James age 12. Davies was not the father of the children, she married him in Cardiff in 1870. In the 71 census the children are described as stepchildren and Mary Davies first husband was Chandler.No1 is the house that was a brothel by 1883 and Davies living opposite. The whole of one side of the street had a reputation for brothels, even as late as the 1890s.

At number 3 is another Davies, Thomas, a seaman age 23, unmarried living with his mother Harriet and sister.

At number 19 is the 16 year old Mary Ann Kelly, daughter of John, a labourer.
Yes I know she was born in Cardiff but her parents were born in Ireland. She has gone by the 91 census. So there are as many Kellys and Davies as fish in the sea, buuutt for weaving a story out of knowns and unknowns. There is enough there.

I am looking into the first marriage of Davies.

Miss Marple
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