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(my bold)

This is from P45 of that judgement:
What's damning about that? Hanratty didn't tell anybody about the Rhyl alibi until the trial was underway. The first the court heard about it was on 6th February. So the France's couldn't claim to have not been told anything that nobody knew about anyway.

Strange argument to say the least.

Additionally, I can find no reason for the judges to have made the statement above at all as no-one in court knew until 6th February. More nonsense from the 3 judges.

The only thing France knew about Liverpool was that at first Hanratty told him he was off to visit an aunt and then in October Hanratty rang France in a panic and told him about the 3 men in Liverpool. France testified that he never saw Hanratty again until the day he gave evidence at trial.
Hanratty could have given evidence that he had told people, including the Fances, about the Rhyl expedition.

Hanratty was in court and would have known about his Rhyl alibi well before 6th February.

Sherrard and Kleinman were in court and had been told about the Rhyl alibi on 29th January (at the latest) which is before the 6th February.

To re-cap, the three Frances (Dixie, Charlotte and Carole) gave evidence of conversations with Hanratty and those conversations did not advert to a Rhyl alibi.

Hanratty gave evidence about his Rhyl alibi and also about conversations with the Frances but did not give evidence to the effect that he told the Frances or any of them, or indeed anyone else, including members of his own family, about the Rhyl alibi.

So paragraph 45 of the judgement which I quote as follows:

"45. When giving evidence, James Hanratty admitted sending the telegram and stated that he returned to London early Friday morning and went to see the Frances. They said this visit was on the Saturday 26 August, when he arrived at about 9am. According to Mr France, James Hanratty said that he had been waiting at the station for a couple of hours because he did not want to disturb them. He went on to say that he had stayed at the Vienna Hotel on Monday 21 August 1961 and produced the hotel bill. At no stage did James Hanratty tell any member of the France family that he had been to Rhyl."

seems to be correct.
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