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Cheers, Nick.

Yes, I seem to remember from the appeal judgement that the France family claimed there had been no mention to them of Rhyl, which I found pretty damning if true. It does point to Rhyl being an afterthought when Hanratty felt he had to give up on the Liverpool alibi.

One other thing struck me. If France or someone else had been trying to frame an innocent Hanratty for the A6 crime, could they not have done a better job of it? I mean, finding out which room Hanratty had stayed in at the Vienna and planting the cartridges there would have made sense, but then why plant the murder weapon itself on a London bus, where it could not be linked to Hanratty in any way in 1961, and would effectively have cleared him if only he'd been able to prove he was in Liverpool and/or Rhyl between the Tuesday and the Friday that week, where he arguably would have been if innocent?

Surely the framing theory only works if France planted the gun with the full intention of going to the police to inform them that this was Hanratty's idea of a good hiding place. Even then, it would have backfired with potentially disastrous consequences for France if Hanratty had proof of his own whereabouts at the crucial times.


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