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Hi all,

Intrigued by Sherlock's post containing further details of the innocent airforce man picked out by Valerie Storie together with my being a sad git, I googled ''Michael Arthur Falkner Clark'' (the man's full name per Acott's notes).

Whilst that full name produced nil results, I was led to a ''Michael Arthur Falkner'' who died just over a week ago and lived in Middlesex where our airman was based. For such an unusual name, just another coincidence in a case sagging with them or could he have been our man?

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Hi Alfie - re your post about our missing airman, I'll throw this one of mine from November 2016 into the pot again.

As Graham has confirmed, the man picked by Valerie Storie on the first identity parade subsequently left the country. I just wonder if he returned years later and for some reason dropped the ''Clark'' part of his name.

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