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Originally Posted by David Orsam View Post
I see that in another thread today the following theory has been falsely attributed to me in a classic "straw man" strategy.

"Seems the only 'expert' we need on this one is David "Awesome" Orsam, who has speculated that one of Albert's colleagues could have 'set him up', presumably by asking him to bring in the gold watch he had mentioned buying the year before, whipping out his tools while a second colleague distracted Albert for ten minutes, so he could open up the back of the watch, prepare the inside surface before putting the marks there and some more random scratch marks on top, finally polishing them all until barely visible and looking suitably old and worn. Then it was just a simple matter of closing the watch, drawing Albert's attention back to it, asking him to open it for the assembled company and to hold it up to the light so the faint scratches could be seen, at which point the hoaxer suggested looking at them under the microscopes in the college lab."

The bit in bold, which is virtually all of it, is nothing I have ever suggested or even hinted at.

I am suggesting that the scratches could have already been placed on the watch and that the "Antiques Roadshow" discussion was part of a deliberate attempt for those scratches to be drawn to Albert's attention so that he would think they had been spotted by chance by someone who was not his own brother.
Ah, so now it didn't need to be a recent edition of The Antiques Roadshow at all, but someone may indeed have mentioned the programme in relation to gold watches in order to entice Albert to bring his own into work. That's when it suits one of David's latest suggestions. When it doesn't, it seems it would need to have been a very recent edition for anyone to recall it and bring it up innocently in May 1993, therefore it must all be nonsense or lies because there were no editions between March and May.

Naturally no need for either of us to check whether the show may ever have featured a gold watch up until that point, because we'd both be rather surprised, I would imagine, if it hadn't.

I wonder what happened to David's cynicism over the place where Albert just happened to work also just happening to have a lab with microscopes? Presumably there will be no suggestion that someone in on the scam engineered the win on the horses, or enticed Albert to use it to buy the watch in the first place, because his job was at a college where microscopes were available.


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