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I had heard of this term before, and it's use (or misuse) by constables and police around the globe to control difficult prisoners. I don't know when it actually was stopped.

Ironically, the only time that I recently saw a reference to it was in one of the spoofs of British writers done in "A Christmas Garland" by Max Beerbohm. His spoof of Kipling was a tale of a police constable finding a suspicious character on the roof of a local house, apparently trying to gain access by going down the chimney, and (despite the suspect Identifying himself as "Santa Clause), being arrested because the P.C. knows "there is no such thing as Santa Clause". He takes the terrified Father Christmas into custody, and a local witness yells, "Frog March 'im! For God Sake Frog March 'im!" The story ends that way. By the way, carrying out the Kipling spoof to it's limit, the story begins with a quote from "Police Barrack Ditties", like "Barrack Room Ballads", called "Trunch, Trunch, Trunchen does the Trick!"

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