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Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
I think you give yourself away when you start with the premise "Isn't it obvious".

No, it isn't obvious. It is one of at least two options:

1) Maybrick wrote it because it was true and it was coincidence (again!) that it was recorded in a similar fashion in the official list of Eddowes' possessions (her 'meagre possessions' as I think Ripper cliche likes to call them), or
2) A hoaxer in 1987 or later created a rather clever hoaxed Ripper journal identifying James Maybrick as Jack but (very very very very very very very) stupidly copied this line from Fido (or some other).

No, it isn't obvious at all.
your right-it isn't obvious. Perhaps the police officer saw what he wrote in the diary and copied it verbatim into his report!
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