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It seems that there was another “row” (Whitechapel High Street) of butchers/ meat salesmen next to the Butchers Row/ Aldgate High Street, separated only by Somerset Street/ Mansell Street.

Opposite Aldgate East Station:

Lankester and Chamberlain, meat salesmen, 2 Whitechapel High Street
Benjamin James Wood, butcher, 3 Whitechapel High Street
Charles Henry Knight, meat salesman, 4 Whitechapel High Street
Horwitz & Lialter, meat salesmen, 6 Whitechapel High Street

Next to Aldgate East Station, corner Middlesex Street:

Simon van der Linde, meat salesman, 146 Whitechapel High Street

(this shop was opposite the butcher shops 2, 3, 4, 6, Whitechapel High Street)
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