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Originally Posted by martin wilson View Post
Hi Jerry d

That is interesting, a possible reference to Mary Kelly?

In the context of theories abound, a letter appeared in the Daily News 13/10/88 which I offer for consideration.

The Writing On The Wall.

Sir- It seems a very great deal of unnecessary fuss is being made about the rubbing out of the "writing on the wall" in Whitechapel
It seems to be generally assumed that if this writing had been photographed the police would have been put in possession of a trustworthy means of identifying the "hand" of the murderer.
Now, if anyone will take the trouble to write a similar sentence upon a surface of the same kind, he will be astonished at the difference between his production and his ordinary writing.
There are very few people who can write easily and freely upon a black board until they have had considerable practice, and writing upon a less regular surface is more difficult still. At first the letters are much more irregular and much more cramped than in ordinary writing, and the likeness of writing with a pen or pencil and the larger characters traced in chalk only comes out unmistakably after long practice. I have indeed known men who wrote entirely different hands under the different circumstances, so that a knowledge of the true handwriting would by no means have been the necessary consequence of preserving a sentence written under the Whitechapel conditions. Of course the writer may have been an experienced hand at black board demonstrations, but the supposition is not likely.
It seems, therefore that if this writing had been preserved it might very possibly thrown the pursuers off the scent instead of proving the invaluable clue that some suppose.
I am-


All the best.
Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter ..... a pathology teacher who had been preparing classroom boards for Monday's start of the Michaelmas Term.

Would be ~ 5'3" by the height of the writing , about the same as the man seen by Long with Chapman outside 29 Hanbury Street.
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