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Originally Posted by martin wilson View Post
Actually, it might help if I posted the article. Apologies

"Jack the Ripper" at Greenwich

On Tuesday morning, some writing in chalk was found on the large gate in the rear of the Ordnance Arms public house, Lewisham road.
The following were the words. "October 14, 88. Murder. Dear Boss, if you want to find the head of the body found on Embankment, it is in a sack on the water. I have done another (this word was indistinctly written and might have been 'nothing') tonight. Jack the Ripper. Revenge"
There was a rude drawing of a dagger at the commencement of the writing.
On the discovery of the writing becoming known, a large crowd assembled. A policeman was sent up from Blackheath road to watch the place and see that the writing was not obliterated until it had been photographed, which was done later on the same day by Inspector Castle.

I don't known if this was just a precaution after the outcry over the erasing of the GSG, or had any genuine evidentiary value.
I incline to the former, and a hoax. Still, I wonder where the photograph is?

All the best.
Hi Martin,

Another chalk writing was found in Deptford not too far from this location also in October of 1888.

London, U.K.
29 October 1888

It is stated that the words, "I shall do another murder, and will receive her heart," have been found written in chalk on the footway in Camplin-street, Deptford."
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