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Hi folks, today we are playing a new game of 'Conflicting Witness Statements."

Today's contestant is Sarah Lewis—

"Where are you from, Sarah?"

"34 Great Pearl Street."

"Wonderful, wonderful. Are you ready to play?"


9th November 1888

"Between 2 and 3 o’clock this morning I came to stop with the Keylers, at No 2 Millers Court . . . when I came up the Court there was a man standing over against the lodging house on the opposite side in Dorset Street [‘‘talking to a female” — deleted] but I cannot describe him."

12th November 1888

"When I went into the court, opposite the lodging-house I saw a man with a wideawake. There was no one talking to him. He was a stout-looking man, and not very tall. The hat was black. I did not take any notice of his clothes. The man was looking up the court; he seemed to be waiting or looking for some one. Further on there was a man and woman - the latter being in drink. There was nobody in the court."
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