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Originally Posted by caz View Post
That was Mike's choice to transfer the diary itself to Robert Smith, to protect his very substantial future royalties, which would have been in peril had Feldman bought the diary from Mike for a helluva lot more than 1, but for considerably less than he could expect from the royalties if he stayed with Robert and Shirley.
Thanks, Caz. I've never understood this, and scrap metal dealers aren't known for bargains. I can go with you part way, but only part way. Evidently a law office of some sort offered Barrett 15,000 for the Diary. It was speculated at the time that this was at the request of Paul Feldman; perhaps you know this for certain, but it doesn't really matter. Yes, I can understand that Mike couldn't sell it without undermining the book deal and the contract. But that still doesn't explain why he would sell it to Smith for 1, or sell it at all. Barrett could have protected the contract merely by holding onto it or putting it in a safety deposit box. It strikes me it was a legal gambit of some sort. Something is not quite right there, imho. Cheers.
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