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Originally Posted by Joshua Rogan View Post
The thing is that the inspector also viewed the GSG with Long, so the coroner may be referring to a report made by the inspector, rather than Long's report to him.
Yet, there was no Met. Inspector as a witness at the Eddowes inquest. So where did the coroner get the inspectors own report from?
Did PC Long bring it with him?

Consistent with your suggestion is a question by the Coroner as given in the Daily Telegraph:
[Coroner] But why did the inspector write "Jews"?
[Long] I cannot say.

Write it where? - presumably in this "Inspectors Report", but the inspector is said to have remarked that Jews was spelt J-u-w-e-s?

So the inspector saw PC Long write J-e-w-s, and corrected him to write J-u-w-e-s, then the inspector himself writes J-e-w-s in his own report?
This does not instill a whole lot of confidence.

How do you see it?
Regards, Jon S.
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