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Originally Posted by C. F. Leon View Post
Questions I have include:
- Where was George STREET in relation to this area?
- The map that I found showed George Yard (& Angel Alley), but gave no indication WHERE on the street George Yard Buildings or St. George's House were.
- Where was the White Swann pub?
- Do we know how many rooms George Yard Buildings had?
- was the term "model buildings" an alternative name for GYB/SGH specifically, or was it a generic term for the type of buildings, or the construction style/company/whatever?

Thanks for any help
- CF Leon
Hey CF,

George Yard Buildings and St George's House cover the north end west side of George Yard.
George Street (later Lolesworth St) no longer exists, but ran between Wentworth St and Thrawl St, almost opposite the top of George Yard.

Hopefully (if you have Flash installed) they can be seen on this map (Goad vol XI, sheet 319);

According to the Casebook Wiki, there were 48 separate dwellings in the building;

The White Swan was, I think, about halfway along Great Alie Street, on the north side corner with Half Moon Passage;

This is a handy page explaining Model Dwellings companies;
Essentially, these were Victorian social housing projects intended to replace the old tenement slums with modern affordable apartments for the working poor, often using a mixture of philanthropy and limited commercial enterprise by various private companies.

I hope that helps.
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