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Originally Posted by Michael W Richards View Post
Because Caz, the unknown stranger suddenly turned into a friend of Marys, someone who knew her for a few years, and someone who she felt she could approach for a few coins. The fact that he is hanging around could be construed as him wanting to be sure that Mary was in no danger from A man. That's where the comment came from. Perhaps that's the way it was perceived.

The fact he waited four days kind of negates that if so.
I'm really sorry, Michael, but I have no idea what you are trying to say here.

Unknown stranger?

How could Hutch possibly have implied he was making sure Kelly was in no danger from the man inside the room with her while Hutch was outside - until he got fed up waiting to see if they came out and pushed off with no attempt to check if she was alive or dead? What's more, he actually said the man gave him no cause to fear for Kelly's safety. It doesn't get any clearer, Michael. Hutch was not claiming to have been Kelly's guardian angel, and didn't imagine she needed one.


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