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Originally Posted by Elamarna View Post
Hi Abby
I for one hold Debra in very high regard. However that does not mean I always defer to her view, however as one of, if not the leading expert on the Torsos her view needs to be seriously considered.

To just say that the argument, that dumping was purely to get rid iS weak, is in itself weak.

The problem is that the sources are limited and much is down to personal interpretation.

Jerry Dunlop has a very interest thread over on JtR forums at present looking at a witness to the Whitehall case, whom lived on a route which is very interesting shall we say. Have you seen it?

And no it does not hurt the debate that they were different persons, however that is no reason to buy into Christer's idea of floating down the river to gain a large audience. To quote you, "c'mon" that didn't happen, as most were found probably close to the point of disposal.

All the best as always

thanks for pointing out Jerrys thread. I just checked it out-very interesting.
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