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Originally Posted by Paul Slade View Post
Thanks very much for that, Jeff. Even my own very brief investigation of The Reigate Squire revealed several different titles for it - some with the "Adventure of" prefix, some not, some with a singular squire, some with plural ones and so on. I hadn't come across the American title before, but I shall add it to the list.

I love the sort of literary trivia you've set out here from other Conan Doyle stories, It's good to know that he did pluck names from the newspaper in this way, as that lends a bit of extra credibility to my William Kirwan theory.

I've posted my original note about the William Kirwan/Reigate Squire link on a couple of Sherlock Holmes forums, so maybe they'll turn up some interesting stuff too. If they do, I'll be sure to pass it along.
Hi Paul,

Thanks for keeping me up-dated on anything further.

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