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Originally Posted by Haskins View Post
Yes because Mr Lusk at least had something to gain, it threw a lot of light on him. Vanity often persuades. I always recall George Oldfield, head of the Yorkshire Ripper Investigation, placing so much emphasis on the Yorkshire Ripper tape and i recall wondering if personal nature of it, I have the greatest respect for you George, somehow clouded his judgement so that he placed all his chips on double zero.

But still it would have been a risk for Mr Lusk to write in his own handwriting, and an even bigger risk to pay someone else to write it for him.

If the Lusk letter was a hoax, them the hoaxer seems to have got lucky with the ginny kidney.
I should imagine the press would pay a good price for Mr Lusks exclusive story it was a bit strange he waited two days before contacting police.
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