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Originally Posted by Haskins View Post
Pinkmoon I agree. I also initially thought the letters were from the real killer. But my first book on JTR by Colin Wilson and Robin Odell and while I absolutely loved it, a lot of the impressions it made turned out to be canards.

I now think that the Saucy Jack Postcard and Dear Boss letters are hoaxes by admittedly enterprising journalists. The Lusk Letter is more likely to be genuine, simply because there is something more concrete to go on, but I wouldn't bet my house on it.
I think a lot of people like me wanted the letters to be genuine because it adds a fantastic element to the whole case .If the lusk letter was fake then it would possibly cost the faker a lot of money how much would you have to pay for a kidney on the black market in those days also to gain maximum publicity for the letter send it to a major newspaper.One possibility could Mr lusk have sent the kidney to himself?
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