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Originally Posted by Trevor Marriott View Post
There is no added complication, the old accepted facts are there to be proved or disproved, not readily accepted as being correct because we now know that many of those old accepted facts have now been disproved
As the opinions are those of contemporary medical men they should be accepted unless and until there is good reason to do otherwise.

, and that much of what the Victorian doctors said back then has now been proved to have been nothing more than guesswork.
Do you have some examples of occasions where Victorian doctors' opinions have been proven to be guesswork? I'm aware that you think the mutilations & extractions in the cases referred to couldn't have been performed in the time available but, even if you're right about that, isn't the simpler and more likely explanation that the timings are out - that (for example) the Lawende sighting was of someone other than Eddowes? If that possibility is conceded there would be a window of 30-35 minutes in which the grisly 'work' could be accomplished.
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