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Originally Posted by jmenges
When the deposition includes statements like this:

"Afte that he was arresyed, supposed to be a bad character."

It must be admitted that there were errors, possibly including ones that might read grammatically.

Well there's typos, but also we don't have the deposition. We have Mike's transcription of the deposition so how do we know what mistakes are the depositions and which are Mikes?

But again, typos are not the same thing as completely leaving out words that change a sentence from a positive to a negative and change a grammatically correct sentence to a senseless one. Not doesn't make sense in that interpretation.

And again, you are reading it as you would WRITE something, not as people would speak. "After that, he was arrested... supposed to be a bad character..." with facial expressions and knowing looks actually makes perfect someone would SPEAK it.

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