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Originally Posted by Ally View Post
As I said, you can read it however you want. However, the addition of the completely imaginary Not turns the sentence from grammatically correct to grammatical gibberish.

The sentence as it stands is grammatically correct. The three sentences together form a coherent narrative of an event that all happened at the same time.

Anyone is free to twist it out of all shape but that doesn't change the fact the three sentences together are grammatically correct and form a cohesive narrative, and the additions of "not" and time jumps do so at the expense of having to twist the sentences all out of logical and grammatical shape to make them fit what you THINK they say, rather than what they actually and grammatically say.

And it should be pointed out that Norris TWICE says he attempts to shun Tumblety at two different points in the timeline and then contradicts himself and says Tumblety shunned him.

So while his sentences are always correct and clear, his narrative and timeline isn't. Which leads more towards him being alright with grammar and not so great on keeping his timeline straight. Because first he tried to shun him after the disemboweling comment which would have happened early 90s then he says he tried to shun him a few years ago when he got "strange".

He apparently managed to keep up quite the relationship for a guy he kept trying to shake loose. And then of course he admits Tumblety was the one who shunned him after his marriage.

So again: everything he actually says points to him not having his timeline in order. And he actually says a couple of times in the deposition he can't remember exactly what year certain things happen.

As I said, you can read it however you want, as long as you accept that your way makes zero grammatical sense. Because it doesn't. Your way requires excusing five mistakes Norris makes in one sentence and one transcription error. That's a lot of "interpretation" .
not mine .. remember I also do not think the "not" should be there....I admit to mine making grammatical errors (grossly so.. and I admit that..that is part of my point, I believe it WAS GRAMMATICALY TERRIBLE, as was much of what he said in other parts) but not transcription errors. I think that is (probably correct) you see Ally, if not for how bad I think Norris spoke (when he would get nervous) I would agree with you, it DOES read how you see it....but.. because of everything else..I can see the mistakes in grammar being on him..Norris...

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