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Originally Posted by miss marple View Post
I will just repeat this. Tower Hamlets Cemetery known as Bow Cemetery in Victorian times has more common graves than private graves. it was the cemetery for Eastenders. Common graves can contain up to thirty or forty coffins but no markers. They would fill up pretty quickly . Eastenders would prefer to spend money on a grand 'sendoff' posh funeral rather than an expensive private grave. The burial clubs paid for this.
As there was twenty years between the death of Charles and his wife, his common grave would be filled up. I think she died when the Blitz had started and was living in an old people's home. It would have been impossible to find the exact location of his common grave at the time with the war on and later the cemetery was bombed.

miss marple
Miss M,

Can you quantify your first statement? How many Eastenders chose to bury their loved ones in private plots?

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