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Originally Posted by The Station Cat View Post
Many thanks GUT.

I’m trying to confirm the location of possible grave(s) for James & Emma RIILEY, both died in July 1896, I assume they’ll be in the same grave?. There is suggestion that they were laid to rest in East Finchley cemetery London.

Any assistance in locating their last resting place, would be greatly appreciated.
I assume you mean RILEY and not RIILEY as you spelled it?

They may be in the same grave but they may not. Not sure you can make the assumption that they are buried together.

You might not assume William Herbert Wallace, accused of bludgeoning to death his older wife in Anfield, Liverpool, in the 1930s is in the same grave as his supposed victim, but the two of them are in Anfield Cemetery together to this day.

Legal reasons or some other objection might have prevented the Rileys being buried in the same grave. Say, for instance, the couple's children (if they had any) disliked James and knew the couple had had a serious falling out before their deaths, they may feel that Emma wouldn't want to be in the same grave as her husband.

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