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Originally Posted by DJA View Post
Yet for all Hutchinson's "accuracy",he got the name of the pub wrong.
Police statement was corrected to The Queens Head without being initialed.
Someone got it wrong.
Hutch may not have known the name of the pub on the corner, so Badham filled it in, realizing his mistake he corrected it - probably at the time of the read-through before the statement was signed.
However it happened, it is not true to say the correction was Hutchinson's fault.

He also describes button boots and gaiters.

He could not see the buttons on the boots under the gaiters.
You don't need to see the buttons to know they were buttoned boots.

Don't you remember the Chelsea boot from the 60's?, also called winkle-pickers or chisel-toes, depending on the shape of the toe. They all had a Cuban heel and they did not lace-up, they had elastic side panels, one on either side of the boot.
These elastic panels were covered by the pants leg (trousers, jeans), so you didn't have to see the elastic panels to know the boots were slip-on - you could tell from the style of the boot.
The 'button-boot' was a style of boot, that's all he is saying.

Something fishy going on there. Reckon he was a personal groom.
Nothing 'fishy', just another case of the more 'we' learn, the more 'we' can understand.
Regards, Jon S.
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