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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post

So for the sake of truth I’ll just say ONE MORE time. Hutch watches them from the corner of Dorset street while they linger for about “three minutes” at the entrance of millers court before going in. He then goes and takes his position as waiting watching man, at which point Lewis appears, sees him there, as she then goes into millers court.
I hi-lited the "three minutes" because you seem to assume this would be too long, yet as he didn't wear a watch, why would you make it an point of debate?
Clearly, as he had no watch he is estimating. So beyond the fact they stopped or paused before entering, the suggested time has no value.

Your second point, "at which point Lewis appeared", is based on what?
Hutchinson does not mention Lewis, but he doesn't have to.
And, as Lewis did see this couple ahead of her then Lewis was already in Dorset St - so she didn't "appear" after they entered the court, she was in Dorset St. before they entered the court.

Your objections are each based on a false premise.

And just for the record and everyone is clear, wicker mans theory involves the ripper being a well dressed man, and therefore hutch has to be telling the truth about Aman, as it bolsters his theory. And anything that bolsters hutch telling the truth, No matter how ludicrous, or obviously erroneous must be defended at all costs.
Once again, you are completely WRONG.
Wickerman does not believe Astrachan was the murderer - re-think your argument.
I wouldn't be so adamant about the existence of Kennedy, and her seeing Kelly out on the street at "about 3:00 am", if Astrachan was the murderer - surely you could have figured that out, if you stopped to think for a moment.

My 'suspect' has always been the Britannia-man, if anyone.
What has the Britannia-man to do with Hutchinson's story?, nothing that I can see.
Have you been barking up the wrong tree all these years?

Maybe you shouldn't be so intent on criticizing other posters until you understand their point of view.
Regards, Jon S.

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