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Originally Posted by Abby Normal View Post
ed gein? Dahmer? although I think dhamer had some torture involved.

but your right very rare maybe only the Torso Ripper
Dahmer drilled holes in the heads of his victims and poured acid into them. He is nevertheless probably a good comparison in many ways. Gein is also interesting in this context.

So we have two men, both regarded as well behaved and nice guys. Lets look at WHY they killed:

Dahmer: Because he did not want to loose sight of the men he took to bed, he always wanted them to remain close to him. So he ate parts of them and kept their skulls/penises in his fridge.

Gein: He wanted the hide of his female victims, to dress up in, transcending into womanhood.

Note how there is a ritual element present in both cases, just as I propose there was in the Ripper/Torso cases.

These are extremely rare creatures. My guess is that the Ripper/Torso killer had no wish to keep his victims close to his side, like Dahmer. Nor did he wish to dress in their hides.
Dahmer and Gein are both ritualistic to a large degree, but their rituals differ a lot. Both needed to kill to get access to bodies. That is the common denominator as regards the Ripper/Torso killer. But he represented a third branch on the ritualistic tree, if I am correct.
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