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Default Cecil Hotel, Richard Raminez, Jack Unterweger

Recently came across a show on the ID Channel focusing on the Los Angeles hotel in a very seedy neighborhood which was once used by two different serial murderers. I knew of Raminez, of course, but Unterweger's story was new to me.

Apparently the Austrian, known as "The Vienna Strangler", served 15 years for murders, then became a writer and journalist upon his release. Upon learning of the notorious Night Stalker murders, and the killer's connection to the hotel, Unterweger traveled to California, booked room 1402, and spent his days doing research and riding with local cops. Then, at night, he strangled women with their own bras. He wasn't caught until he returned to Europe.
What a bizarre case!

Do we know of other serial killers who were in creative professions?
Pat D.
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