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Originally Posted by GUT View Post
Two questions

1. How did that get back at Anne?
Only Mike could possibly answer that one, alas...

Originally Posted by GUT View Post
2. How come so many believe some things he says and not others, and how do they decide which is which.
That's a very good question. Personally, I tend to believe that a relatively sober Mike Barrett, whilst living with Anne and Caroline, was for the most part an honest man. However, once his wife had left him, he was denied access to his daughter, he was knocking back a bottle of Scotch a day, and whiling away the small hours filling up the answer machine tapes of everyone he knew who was connected to the Diary with incoherent drivel and bile - well let's just say that I put far less stock in anything he said during that period.

From what I can gather, during the taped meeting I referred to (where he says he made up for the forgery story to get back at Anne) Mike was sober and relatively together. I believe during that meeting he tried to bargain for a bottle of Scotch at one point, which certainly suggests he hadn't had a drink for a day. Because I never knew Mike I listen very closely to the opinions of those who did; if they say they believed he was being truthful or not with any given statement, then I think it's very hard for those of us who didn't know Mike to argue.

I believe 100% that Tony Devereaux gave the Diary to Mike and told him to "do something with it", as told by sober Mike. I also believe 100% that all of drunk Mike's claims of forgery are untrue, although the affidavit of Jan 1995 possibly contains some true facts.

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