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Morning all. Just passing this along from KS. The happy postman, JJ


Thank you for your post #1004 Gut. (I’m giving up asking people for their real names!) The answer to your question about why a third party (James) continues to post on my behalf, now that my application to join the Casebook Forum has been approved, can be found in my post #948 to David Orsam on February 2nd 2018. Here’s what I wrote:-

“The fault is all mine because of my inability to, at the moment, comprehend how to put up posts for myself on the Forum now that I am a member. I think I explained that the other night I spent three hours composing a message to you in a small rectangular box – only to see it disappear before my eyes after trying to send it - and then staring at a notice which said I wasn’t logged in and hadn’t been recognised! That defeated me and rather than go through all that ordeal again, I asked James whether he would very kindly continue posting on my behalf until I managed to work out what I was doing wrong”

I thought I had logged on!

Several people were kind enough to offer me suggestions as to how to overcome my technical inability. But that wasted three hour stint so frustrated me that I decided to ask James if he could continue to be my postman until such time as I could go it alone. I should be meeting James in a few weeks time when he has promised to take me through the process of what to do. I just thought it fairer to acknowledge, (via James), peoples direct questions to me and give a full accurate response where I am able to immediately do so without reference to my files, (most of which are presently in storage), rather than keep people waiting.

Hope this answers your question as to why I am still at cadet status – where I’m quite happy to remain incidentally!

Best Wishes
Keith Skinner
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