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Originally Posted by Bridewell View Post
And are you, therefore, confident that, in all your various published works, you have never drawn such conclusions yourself?
He would be lying if he answered yes here, Colin.
Right here on the boards a couple of days ago, he wrote this in answer to a query about the source for him saying that the Rainham victim having an incision made into her 'vaginal wall's cartilage' in one of his posts:

For those who can never be bothered to click on links-this is how it went [the bolding is my emphasis]:

Originally Posted by Debra A
And you are certain it isn't the 'incision from ensiform cartiledge to pubes' you were noting originally? You do mention cartiledge in the note.
Originally Posted by Trevor Marriott
I wish I could find it because when I found it I thought it was important enough and that action of someone may have given us a clue as to the death. I will continue to look.

*"A vaginal incision is a surgical cut through the vulva and vaginal region, generally for performing a hysterectomy, episiotomy or a corrective operation to restore prolapse of the uterus, bladder or vaginal canal. During surgeries involving a vaginal incision, tissue between the anus and vagina are spliced open while the patient is under anesthesia. At that point, the doctor is able to access the inner pelvic region for the purpose of adjusting or removing a baby, fibroids, a diseased uterus or a bladder"
The last paragraph * is something Trevor googled on the internet while looking for what a 'vaginal incision' might indicate and chose this quote from

Originally Posted by Trevor Marriott as a warning to us all
I am going to say one final thing and refer to what Dr Biggs says and this is spot on and this applies to many on here, you included who read, doctors reports which give opinions regarding the state of bodies, and body parts found. Time and time again we see researchers forming their own conclusions on what they think is the correct interpretations from these reports etc.

This is what he says and this applies to all the torsos and the WM

"I don’t think you can really determine intent with any degree of confidence by looking at the injury… let alone reading someone else’s description of it"

This is from a forensic pathologist who has to make examinations on dead bodies to determine causes of death in suspicious deaths.

I hope you and others will bear this in mind

Practice what you preach, Trevor.
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