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Originally Posted by Debra A View Post
Trevor, on the other thread you have just confirmed that Dr Biggs agreed that the cut described by Hebbert was ribs to pubes, just as I said-despite you continually saying that I don't know what I'm talking about. So what am I wrong about here?

You continually project all your own faults on to others.
I am going to say one final thing and refer to what Dr Biggs says and this is spot on and this applies to many on here, you included who read, doctors reports which give opinions regarding the state of bodies, and body parts found. Time and time again we see researchers forming their own conclusions on what they think is the correct interpretations from these reports etc.

This is what he says and this applies to all the torsos and the WM

"I don’t think you can really determine intent with any degree of confidence by looking at the injury… let alone reading someone else’s description of it"

This is from a forensic pathologist who has to make examinations on dead bodies to determine causes of death in suspicious deaths.

I hope you and others will bear this in mind
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