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Originally Posted by GUT View Post
The middle of the road actually, based on all the evidence, but evidence doesn’t count for much around here.
No, Gut, not based on ALL the evidence. Pauls paper interview is also evidence, and in it, he says that Lechmere was standing where the body was.

As for what evidence counts for, IŽd say that it is all we have, and all we can base any thinking on. If you think I myself am in any way violating the evidence, then please speak up and we can discuss it in a friendly manner.

I would say that Bucks Row was so very narrow, that standing out in the road - which would amount to standing in the middle of the road in most peopleŽs minds, quite possibly - would equal standing very close to the body. At any rate close enough to have gotten there by taking a step or two backwards from the kerb.

It would in such case have been a stance that would easily allow for the wording "standing where the body was". By that, Paul did probably not mean that Lechmere was standing ON the body, but instead that he was standing right by it, more or less.

However, since we normally fail miserably to agree on this point, it may be wise not to elaborate any further on it.

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