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[quote=jerryd;434996]Yes perspective changes for me, too. In 1887 the construction of the basement in Whitehall began. By September of 1889, the building may have been far enough along that it was no longer an option to use for luring women, storing parts or cutting them up.

Yes, I know that, Jerry. It may well have been that the only real possibility to deposit a torso in the vaults on Wildbores behalf was when it actually happened. But making the assumption that he would have placed parts from all of the torso victims down there if he only had the possibility is a tremendeous stretch - but it is neverthless what we may need to do, if Wildbore is to be presented as the killer. Otherwise, we need some sort of an explanation to why he felt he should do so with the Whitehall victim. Plus I still find the idea that he would place the torso in the vaults and then reveal it himself logically unappealing.
But as always, it is not a question of knowledge, only about our own, separate takes on things.

I'm theorizing that maybe the Whitehall victim was killed in the basement. Then parts were taken away piecemeal, or buried in the basement. As far as Pinchin Street goes, Wildbore has a possible connection to No. 1, Backchurch Lane. It's a long shot, for sure, but it's as close to the arch as you can get, really. Grover & Sons also has timber holds in the docks in that area. Grover & Sons had several Bid Tenders in the Whitechapel area, I'm trying to find which tenders, if any, were accepted for work in the area. As far as dumping parts with no connection, I think I stated before all the parts were on a possible and likely route to his home in Battersea. The other, out of the way Rainham parts, were near his employers office.

So instead of having to argue for a man who killed en route to work, you have a guy that dumped en route to work. Thatīs kind of funny.
I know about the possible Wildbore connection in Backchurch Lane - and I think it is quite possible that there WAS a connection through the name. I was not aware of the timber holds in the docks. Any which way, what are you envisaging here? That Wildbore carted material from there, and brought the torso along to dump it underways? Or that he bore a grudge against his relative - if he WAS a relative - in Backchurch lane? Or that he found it convenient to take the torso along as he visited there?
Donīt be phazed by me asking these questions: I am genuninely curious, and I myself am suggesting that a hatred of the police may have caused Lechmere to take the torso to Whitehall and place it in the deepest vault! We are both in the same sort of boat, and we have to try and row it as best as we can.

You've said many times yourself, the killer was making a statement by putting the body in the police buildings. What better way to make a statement? Nobody was finding the body, so why not find it for them? That, or he was in the process of trying to bury it at some point in the near future. Just as he did with the leg. Heck, maybe if they looked hard enough they'd have found a few skulls buried in the vault?

To be fair, I am saying that I think that the killer making a statement is a very viable suggestion, going on the implications of the building. I cannot go so far as to say that he must have been making a statement. Tempting though it is to believe in it, it is no fact.
The idea that Wildbore "found" the body when he had grown tired of waiting for the others to get around to it, is logically unappealing to me. I am trying to wrap my head around it, but it will not work. If he had tipped the police off anonymously, it would have made more sense to me, but I would still be very reluctant to accept that Wildbore, who seems to have avoided that kind of obvious coupling to himself in the other cases, would be that reckless in this case. The fact that he himself kept his tools down there makes the suggestion even more odd, closing in on suicidal.
But once again, I always say that we should expect the unexpected, so maybe it was Wildbore who turned the Schoolhouse building just before Lechmere came up to Browns Stable Yard? Because whoever killed the Whitehall victim was also the killer of Polly Nichols.

In reality, I think his comrades failed to smell it because it wasn't there when they were in that part of the vault. If it were, I'm quite sure they would have smelled it once they entered that area.

How long a time do you think the torso spent in the vault, Jerry?
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