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Originally Posted by Fisherman View Post
I think the general consensus is that the torso killer had access to transport. And once you have, just about all of London becomes accessible in a short time. From any chosen point of departure, you can reach the Wandle, Whitehall, Tottenham Court Road, Whitehall, St Pancras Lock, Battersea Gardens and Pinchin Street in no time at all. Which, going by the evidence, is precisely what the Torso killer did.
Though I think you have made some good points about the 1873 torso Christer, I'm not sure we can absolutely count that in the series. I don't say that because it limits suspects due to age, I say it because Dr. Bond attended the 1873 torso proceedings and yet didn't include it with the four from 1887-1889. Same with Tottenham in 1884 and the 1874 torso for that matter.

Other than the deposits to the north in Regents Canal and the Pinchin torso, the rest of the Thames deposits could have been done from one spot. The Albert Bridge, for example, as Debs has indicated in the past. Even the Battersea Park deposit could have been from that bridge. Less than a half mile from that bridge was the Shelley home if we talk about other land drops in the area.

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