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So instead of having to argue for a man who killed en route to work, you have a guy that dumped en route to work. Thatīs kind of funny.
I know about the possible Wildbore connection in Backchurch Lane - and I think it is quite possible that there WAS a connection through the name. I was not aware of the timber holds in the docks. Any which way, what are you envisaging here? That Wildbore carted material from there, and brought the torso along to dump it underways? Or that he bore a grudge against his relative - if he WAS a relative - in Backchurch lane? Or that he found it convenient to take the torso along as he visited there?
Not en route to work, en route home. That is if she was killed and dismembered in the vault. The arm would have possibly been dropped on his way home; thrown over the embankment wall. Or another possibility for the arm is IF (hate to use the word but oh well) J.T Chappell's yard was used for cutting timber or supplying timber to the site, the arm may have been transferred that way.

The Backchurch Lane deposit is a tough one no matter how we look at it. It was different than the other three, yet thought to be connected. I really don't have a good explanation for it so I won't even try. I do keep in the back of my mind the fact the property was owned and used by the Board of Works. That could have some sort of connection with a builder.
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