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Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
is there any explicit reason to believe that the date of 29th September 1888 is wrong given the fact that the Dear Boss letter, which was published in the newspapers, had the name Jack the Ripper just two days after the date of the first letter?
As I've said, the only date on the letter itself when it was first published by J. Hall Richardson in 1927 was "29th inst". No month, no year. Just "29th inst". No reason to think that it was 29th September let alone 29th September 1888.

It was not until over 70 years after the murders, in 1959, that Donald McCormack claimed that the letter was dated "29th September [1888]", but his source appears to have been J. Hall Richardson's book so he was in no position to know this.

I'm guessing that Pierre, having read an article saying that the letter was dated 29 September 1888, is now programmed on a course from which nothing will ever divert him. He will simply be unable to accept any other possible date for this letter.
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